Most companies are constantly in the process of improving their growth and innovation capabilities to ensure they keep up with market demands and competitive dynamics as long as keeping and defending their competitive position.

Understanding the current state of your growth and innovation capabilities needs a comprehensive approach. From our experience working with executives and companies around the world, we have identified 8 key dimensions that when properly evaluated, allow management to accurately asses the current state of their capabilities, evaluate gaps and craft improvement plans.  These 8 dimensions are: (1) Strategy context and focus, (2) Customer centricity, (3) Competitive context, (4) Organization and structure, (5) Culture leadership and language, (6) Team management practices, (7) Management processes and metrics and (8) Support systems and tools.

A pictorial of these dimensions can be seen below:

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We work side-by-side with your executives to (1) understand the current state of each dimension,  (2) assess your current capabilities and most importantly (3) create directional action plans for improvement. 


We support potential acquirers with a comprehensive review of and detailed insight into a given target company. Typical elements include: 

  • Target company capabilities and historical performance
  • Market and competitive landscape
  • Product portfolio and services
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Business organization and people 
  • Operations and manufacturing
  • Strategic planning and growth options
  • Projected financial performance scenarios and metrics
  • Strategic fit, recommendation and rationale

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