Typical results obtained include:

Comprehensive business and operational plan with summaries of all workshops and outputs, including:

  • An executive summary
  • Situation analysis (i.e. market opportunity, competitive dynamics, industry trends, competitive landscape, key market forces, go-to-market strategy, segments/channels, and channel strategy)
  • Vision, direction and strategy
  • Delivery requirements 
  • Directional financials, and
  • Action plans by function

Pro-forma financials, operational dynamic model and balance scorecards, including:

  • Detailed pro-forma statements
  • Pricing models
  • Sales pipeline modeling
  • Budgets and performance scenarios including definition of key performance indicator (KPI) scorecard 

Detailed cross-functional plans and map of key business processes, including elements such as:

  • Unit objectives and functional goals 
  • Key challenges
  • Interdependencies 
  • Staffing plans
  • Functional budgets
  • Key performance metrics per function

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