We articulate, develop, and implement programs in coordination with our clients to execute specific business activities in a timely, high-quality, and cost-effective fashion. 

Specific programs include:

Business Growth Coaching

We work side-by-side with business leaders and entrepreneurs in a long-term basis to guide them plan and execute multiple initiatives to support their growth of their business and operate as hand-on advisors on a given need. In this case, the responsibility of the project and the deliverables is shared with most of the execution done by the client. Some clients prefer this program, as it is also a way to have knowledge transfer and advisory on demand while keeping consulting fees to a minimum.

  • We typically do a fixed fee, 6-12 month workplan where we define priorities and ownership of key activities between the client and our team.
  • This is typically done with a combination of one-on-ones, calls and off-line work, with scheduled periodic check-in points to review status and work advancement.
  • We provide all the required project management tools, templates and web-based systems to manage multiple initiatives, coordinate resources and align both teams for execution. 

Execution Outsourcing

We offer a flexible, reliable, scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-work-with programs that help clients deal with competitive pressure, execute faster, realize savings, and deliver higher-quality solutions to their own customers.

Typical activities we are asked to help with include:

  • On-going customer and competitive insights programs
  • Market intelligence and key metrics generation and tracking
  • Project management 
  • Program  management office (PMO) set-up and management
  • Financial and business modeling
  • Executive training and coaching

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