Growth initiatives articulation and prioritization for US$1B SBU of one of the largest US commodities corporations

Growth Decisions INc. All rights reserved.

Growth Decisions INc. All rights reserved.

About the Client

Based on revenue, the client is one of the largest privately held corporations in the United States with operations in more than 60 countries. They are heavily involved in agriculture and processing/trading agricultural products. 

Business Challenge

Multiple change drivers were emerging in the Mexican market. Top management identified several unknowns in areas with significant business impact such as local production and imports, competitive dynamics, transportation dynamics and government regulations.

The Mexican subsidiary of their largest SBU wanted to create clarity, consensus and alignment around key strategic actions to be taken to improve the SBU’s short-term performance and long-term strategic positioning, given these new and changing competitive market dynamics. 

How We Helped

Growth Decisions articulated a custom approach that engaged SBU top management, more 100 executives around the country, and many of their direct reports to identify, articulate and prioritize high-impact initiatives. The approach needed to align with the company’s global strategy, resource allocation and corporate stage-gate processes as well.

Four key results were achieved for the client:

1.    Alignment was built around the most likely market scenarios and corresponding plans to respond to potential changes in government policy, duties/tariffs, and market conditions.

2.    A targeted set of 20 prioritized investment opportunities were articulated. This included certain additions and changes to current infrastructure to increase asset footprint flexibility and capitalize on high-potential new businesses and solutions.

3.     “Out-of-the-box” initiatives that pushed boundaries and looked beyond what seemed possible were identified and proposed. This helped the client to think differently about the company’s products, services, assets, and potential.

4.    The client gained a clearer understanding of key connections across different local and global business units that they could draw upon to increase their agility and responsiveness and facilitate implementation.