Turnaround, Growth Strategy and Implementation for Alma Dance School

Help dance school owners with the articulation and implementation of the turnaround, growth strategy and implementation for the business. Project include financial analysis, growth capabilities assessment, modeling growth potential and specific action planning and follow up to execute 30+ initiatives to increase enrollment and retention, double revenue in two years and increase target EBITDA to 25%.

In-depth market analysis and opportunity prioritization for leading genetic-testing firm in the fast-growing field of personalized medicine

Helped CEO and top management acquire an in-depth understanding of key potential markets for the company's products related to several high-impact health conditions. Assessed company’s ability to generate value in each key market. This fact-based engagement allowed the client to prioritize R&D efforts, optimize resources and accelerate time to market.

Four best practices for building your internal competitive intelligence capabilities

Companies often have an abundance of data available, but many struggle to make sense of that data and to translate it into actionable insight for management. By keeping in mind these four best practices, management can create an effective competitive intelligence function that not only responds to your specific organizational needs and enhances decision making at multiple levels, but that also can become a long-term source of competitive advantage in the future.

Strategic and operational plan for $20M cloud-computing health IT company

Led strategic repositioning of a $20M cloud computing – Health IT technology venture. Worked with GM and management to re-focus company’s direction and operations. Developed new 5-year strategic plan and value proposition, articulated integrated financial and operational models, defined sales force design and staffing ramp-up, crafted functional action plans and execution/tracking metrics.

Market attractiveness analysis for leading business services multinational to educate international growth and market entry

Articulated and developed market analysis that enabled client with a first comprehensive point of view about the attractiveness of the market and better understanding of key success elements for define a solid market entry strategy. Completed more than 30+ interviews and extensive secondary research in English and Spanish.