Assessment of growth and innovation capabilities for large industrial conglomerate

Innovation assement case.png

About the Client

The client is a leading industrial conglomerate with operations in the US, Central America and South America. The company has a strong local presence in their country of origin and has experienced significant international growth through acquisitions. It has revenues greater than US$2b and more than 10,000 employees.

Business Challenge

Continued growth means the company now operates in a significantly more complex environment. Internally, it has a larger organizational footprint in multiple countries with each location exhibiting different operations and management capabilities. Externally, a larger geographic footprint and strong growth adds up to more intense competition from both local and international players.

Top management needed to prepare the company to be more responsive to market dynamics. They needed to:

  • Document growth innovation capabilities across multiple businesses and geographies,

  • Evaluate and audit current innovation processes, and

  • Articulate suggestions for improved approaches, practices and processes.

How We Helped

Based in our deep experience across industries and geographies, Growth Decisions articulated a custom solution that included:

  • REVIEWING company’s innovation efforts to date

    • Completed 25+ interviews with top management in the US and Central/South America

    • Articulated company’s capabilities, processes and tools to support innovation

    • Documented current state of innovation and growth processes

  • ASSESSING company’s growth and innovation capabilities

    • Benchmarked current efforts against leading innovation processes and methodologies to determine organizational alignment

    • Identified gaps and obstacles to innovation

  • RECOMMENDING opportunities for improvement

    • Reviewed capabilities assessment, observations and insights with company’s management

    • Identified 6+ opportunities to enhance company’s growth innovation capabilities