Worldwide customer insight program for leading manufacturer of armored glass

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved.

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved.

About the Client

The client is now the manufacturing leader of armored glass for applications such as automobiles, architecture, trains and defense. It provides armored glass products to companies such as B.M.W., Mercedes-Benz and Audi in about 40 countries around the world. 

Business Challenge

Due to intense competitive dynamics worldwide, the company needed to better understand their clients and respond intelligently to a rapidly shifting marketplace. Top management and multiple functional areas alike needed to know how to better address clients’ needs to enable the company to reach its demanding growth goals towards business by 2014.

How We Helped

Growth Decisions articulated a project plan that engaged all the company’s commercial leads worldwide and worked with them to coordinate research activities with key accounts (60% of the client base) around the world to develop insights around customer needs and requirements, competitive dynamics, emerging business models and satisfaction/retention metrics. 

This was the first time the company had undertaken a customer research with this scope and depth. They gained the following results:

  1. Uncovered key competitive and customer-level insights around customer needs and requirements, product attributes, competitive dynamics, client business models and growth perspectives, and satisfaction/retention metrics.

  2. Achieved a high customer base coverage (more than 60%)

  3. Developed worldwide and regional customer-centered performance metrics.

  4. Impacted growth strategy, planning and operations.

  5. Articulated a much more refined customer segmentation that came directly from buyers.

  6. Identified specific competitive threats worldwide.

  7. Articulated specific competitive gaps (20+) and opportunities (20+) and crafted action plans for improvement

Growth Decisions deep market analysis expertise and multicultural global experience was a key factor in the successful execution of a project of this caliber, coverage and impact.