Cross-functional action planning for leading manufacturer of armored glass

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved.

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved.

About the Client

Founded 45 years ago, the company is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of armored glass for applications such as automotive, architecture, trains and defense. The company manages 15 commercial offices around the world and has factories located in Peru, Brazil and Colombia. The company sells their products in nearly 50 countries worldwide. Some of their clients include original equipment manufacturers such as B.M.W, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

Business Challenge

After multiple internal working sessions along with customer and competitive analysis, the company had created its 2014 corporate strategy. However, it still needed to translate this strategy into specific actions and goals for each of the regions in which the company operates to ensure alignment with overall strategy, accountability and performance.

How We Helped

Growth Decisions assisted the client with creating cross-functional action plans for each of its regions, translating overall strategies and goals for each one into specific actions and initiatives. Growth Decisions helped coordinate and align these initiatives by supporting the client with the following key activities:

  1. Led customer insight and competitive review to build SWOT and estimated growth potential by region

  2. Articulated preliminary goals by region given existing growth opportunity and competitive strategy

  3. Worked with regional general managers to articulate action plans by region given market insights and business outlook

  4. Facilitated several meetings and workshops to validate plans, articulate gaps and prioritize actions

  5. Created consolidated growth outlook and actions aligning corporate strategy, functional and regional action plans

Growth Decisions’s growth strategy and multicultural team management experience were critical to be able to effectively translate client’s strategy into actionable plans.