Competitive landscaping for major healthcare provider


About the Client

The client is the oldest and largest non-profit home health care provider in the United States. Based in New York City, it has over 12,000 employees and an average patient census of 30,000. Clinical professionals make more than 2,000,000 visits each year.

Business Challenge

The company was considering transforming their operational model to become part of an Integrated Delivery System (IDS). As part of the planning for such a transformation, they needed to better understand their competitive landscape, map key players in the space and profile best-in-class players. This would help them articulate best industry practices they could then implement when transitioning to become part of an IDS.

How We Helped

A comprehensive research plan was created to address the challenges the organization would face in such a transition. It combined primary and secondary research that achieved the following four key results:

  1. Identification of high level industry trends that would affect the scope, speed and configuration of the new operating model

  2. Mapping and segmentation of relevant key industry players by geographical reach and product mix

  3. Profiling each relevant key player including key performance metrics, management profiles, geographical focus, degrees of integration, membership composition, product mix and operational configurations

  4. Synthesizing common best practices across best-in-class players that could become guiding insights to undertaking such a transition

The research program was executed. More than five key players were identified and profiled in detail. Five best practices were articulated across key players and implications were drawn to facilitate transition planning.

Growth Decisions’s market research and analysis were critical to provide insight and synthesis of a dynamic sector to enhance transition planning, reduce time-to-market, and minimize execution risks.