Market attractiveness analysis for leading business services multinational to educate international growth and market entry

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved.

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved.

About the Client

The company is one of the world’s leading providers of business process outsourcing solutions across multiple industries. The company has a leading market position in US, Europe and Asia and its constantly exploring ways to innovate and expand its operations.

Business Challenge

As an innovator in their industry, the client management wanted to develop a better, fact-based, understanding about the market attractiveness, competitive landscaping and overall opportunity to expand into the Mexican market.  Management needed to develop better understanding about specific critical issues that could impact the market entry strategy; positioning and operational approaches to better expand operations in Mexico. 

How We Helped

Growth Decisions crafted a custom market analysis approach that translated the client’s specific business questions about the attractiveness and market dynamics of Mexico for this business into an intensive market and competitive analysis program that combined both primary and secondary research. Given the nature of the, it project was executed in English and Spanish and included primary research with more than 30+ in-depth one-on-one interviews as well as analysis of all secondary information available (internal and public). 

The three key main results generated by this project were:

1.    Built a first comprehensive point of view about the attractiveness of the market and deeper understanding of all key elements required for crafting a solid market entry strategy. These elements included:

  1. Broad Market / Economic Characteristics

  2. Regulatory / legal environment

  3. Competitive Dynamics,

  4. Customer dynamics / market segmentation and dynamics

  5. In-country specific business characteristics

  6. Economic Development Initiatives

  7. Cultural awareness / Sensitivities

  8. Key success factors / models for market entry and

  9. Company’s positioning and value proposition

2.    With the results from above, executed fact-based assessment of the current country situation, defined outlook for this potential business in Mexico and derived implications for growth strategy. 

3.    Identified key success factors to compete in the market in term of types of local solutions to be offered, potential business models and market entry options as long as target segments to pursue to increase likelihood of success.