Detailed action planning, capability development and key stakeholder engagement for leading global executive firm

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved

About the Client

The client is a US-based, global executive search firm. The company provides top-management executive search services for many of the most important organizations in the world. The company also provides leadership and culture shaping solutions.

Business Challenge

The firm developed a broad outline of their long-term strategy which was approved by the board of directors.  Now that that is completed and agreed across the organization, the firm needs to develop a more detailed implementation plan, dashboards and scorecards that will drive execution and results.

In addition, there were organizational barriers and objections that top management needed to overcome to ensure that the action plan was embraced and executed long-term.

How We Helped

Crafted a detailed implementation plan that translated the long-term strategy into clear, well-articulated actions that have the buy-in from top management and the organization and also alignment across the enterprise. Specific outcomes included:

  • Crafted and validated well-articulated action plans with prioritized activities in close coordination with business unit leads and management.

  • Refined and validated tracking approaches for the long-term strategy and put in place corresponding methods, tools and processes.

  • Identified and validated with key stakeholders, main challenges and objections for adoption and articulated a long-term plan to address them.

  • Identified and validated capability gaps and suggested long-term approaches to increase long-term executive engagement, cross-functional alignment and buy-in.

In addition, the project wanted to achieve two important soft goals that included:

  • Increase confidence from top management that not only the plans have been well articulated but also that practical measures and approaches for long-term adoption have been put in motion.

  • Bring new energy and fresh eyes to identify better ways to continue enhancing the leadership role of the strategic planning and corporate development unit as a major source of value creation and strategic direction for the enterprise.