Development of template for business planning and segment analysis for leading multinational in the lawn and garden industry

Growth Decisions Inc. All right reserved.

Growth Decisions Inc. All right reserved.

About the Client

The company is recognized worldwide as one of the leading multinational corporations in the lawn and garden industry with operations in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. Most of their brands are market leading in their categories.

Business Challenge

As a clear industry innovator, the company has developed a new technology that could potentially redefine several product categories and improve the way that customers acquire and use those products. 

The General Manager of the business needed a template to enable his unit and multiple other teams across the organization to develop a comprehensive growth plan and segment analysis to guide the company about to build this long-term growth platform. 

This template should serve as a guiding tool the teams to clearly articulate the growth opportunity by systematically answering key questions and performing supporting analysis to educate planning and execution. 

How We Helped

Based in more than 20 years of business experience, Growth Decisions articulated a comprehensive yet easy to complete, template and support tools to enable teams planning and executing on this new growth platform.
The three key results generated by this project were:

  1. Crafted comprehensive and easy to use set of templates and tools to enable teams proper completion and coordination. Articulated specific elements and key questions that needed to be considered by the different functions when building the business.

  2. Built dynamic framework to analyze, size, compare and prioritize target segments. This was critical as this drove overall execution sequencing, market entry strategy and sales and marketing implementation

  3. Developed detailed stakeholder mapping that defined specific roles and responsibilities across the organization in about ownership, approvals and revisions of each of the elements of the business plan for the new business.