Strategic growth plan for new Chicago-based rapid prototyping, design and engineering center

Growth Decision Inc. All right reserved.

Growth Decision Inc. All right reserved.

About the Client

For the last 30 years, the founders of this new center had developed extensive hands-on experience and business knowledge in engineering, fabrication and design through working with multiple clients and Universities in the Chicago area. As professional troubleshooters they compared notes and identified problems in a system that affected the outcome in innovation.

Business Challenge

Over the last few years Chicago has become a thriving innovation hub in the Midwest. Multiple initiatives, in public and private, are underway to support innovation and growth, which is increasing the demand for design, fabrication and collaboration solutions across industries. 

Given the deep experience of the founders and the clear market need, the founders approached Growth Decisions to assist them to translate their idea and approach in a robust, actionable and practical growth plan that they could execute themselves and also share with key stakeholders and potential investors if needed.

How We Helped

Growth Decisions articulated a targeted yet comprehensive growth plan for the new center that provided founders with both, useful framework to build and manage the new operation, but also with a set of communication tools to enable them to better communicate their vision, facilitate partnerships with universities and other centers and raise funds, if needed.
The three key results generated by this project were:

  1. A comprehensive growth plan for the new business. Through facilitated activities with the founders, primary and secondary research, we (1) articulated an understanding of the current competitive situation, (2) crafted the vision, mission and 5-year strategy for the business, (3) defined the requirements to deliver on the objectives, (4) modeled financial performance, scalability and investor metrics and (5) defined short-term action plan
  2. Dynamic financial models to produce projected directional financials (P&L and Cash Flow). Captured and estimated all key revenue, cost and growth assumptions to create monthly and yearly pro-forma projections. Worked with founders to adjust business model and execution to ensure that they could build a profitable and lasting operation.
  3. Summary presentation for investors / partners. Translated analyses, approaches, growth plan and financial estimations into simpler pictorials and slides to facilitate communication with key stakeholders and investors.