In-depth market analysis and opportunity prioritization for leading genetic-testing firm in the fast-growing field of personalized medicine

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved

About the Client
The company is a leading player in the emerging personalized-health market. The company develops genetic-based personalized tests for a variety of health conditions.

Business Challenge
The company needed to focus its long-term research-and-development efforts and needed strategic and business guidance about which chronic conditions could represent the largest markets in the future for its current and future products.

With a deep understanding of how those emerging markets behave and how the company could generate value in each market, top management could prioritize their R&D efforts, evaluate missing resources (Technology & People) and create a fact-based product-development roadmap.

How We Helped
Our practice provided an in-depth research program to fully understand and characterize each of the health conditions and their related potential markets.

Conditions analyzed in deep detail included: weight management, gastric cancer, osteoarthritis, periodontal disease, brain functioning and Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, cardio vascular disease, and several genetic-driven skin diseases.
For each of the conditions, we executed an in-depth market analysis to fully understand key aspects of each condition and its related market. Each analysis included market size and growth, detailed competitive dynamics, and the specific urgency and cost of a solution for each given need.

Simultaneously, we assessed the company’s ability to generate value within each of the target markets. This in-depth assessment included aspects such as: overall strategic fit, sustainable competitive advantage of the solution, synergies, technical requirements, extensive financial and risk analyzes, regulatory feasibility, and access to key partners and channels.

We worked collaboratively with the company’s CEO and top management, and by using our fact-based analysis, they were able to achieve the project objective and build a clear R&D roadmap for their product portfolio, optimizing resources, leveraging key capabilities and accelerating time to market in a very dynamic marketplace.

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