Turnaround, Growth Strategy and Implementation for Alma Dance School

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved

About the Organization

Alma Dance School is a professional ballet training facility for young dancers interested in building a strong foundation in ballet and pursuing a career in dance. Alma Dance School is under the direction of principal dancers and award-winning coaches Guillermo Leyva and Vilma Machin. 

Business Challenge

The school was founded in September 2014 and, as with many businesses, it lacked many of the basic approaches, processes and systems to build a long-term, stable and growing operation.

How We Helped

TMA’s Pro Bono Committee partnered with Mr. David A. Bernal, Managing Partner of Growth Decisions Inc., a Chicago-based growth strategy firm, to provide support in short- and long-term matters: 

Short-Term Support: Provided support in two main areas:

  1. Assisted in the preparation, planning, budgeting and marketing for the school’s the first major performance (Nutcracker). Created a 22-page program for the event.
  2.  Provided the school at no cost with a redesigned website and logo that allowed the owners faster updating, cheaper maintenance and a more professional way to communicate with their audiences to promote their business and events.

Long-Term Planning and Execution Support: Most importantly, we worked collaboratively with the owners to understand their situation, gauge their long-term growth potential and articulate a straightforward yet comprehensive growth plan and implementation including:

  1. Assessing Current Business Situation and Operational Growth Capabilities
  2. Articulating Key success Factors and Identifying Capabilities Gaps
  3. Modeling Business Performance and Growth Potential
  4. Crafting Growth Strategy / Transformation & Implementation Plan
  5. Defining Continuous Coaching, Support & Performance Tracking

Results Achieved

In the short-term, the Nutcracker performance was a marketing and financial success generating revenue well beyond break-even. Most importantly, the school is now better prepared for long-term success with a sound business growth plan and a much-improved set of supporting approaches, tools and systems to achieve it.