Market analysis to measure brand positioning, usage and consideration for leading financial services provider in Canada

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved.

Growth Decisions Inc. All rights reserved.

About the Client

The company is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of long-lasting financial solutions that help companies thrive and grow. Client provides commercial lending and leasing as well as a broad range of financial services across industries.  

The company provides commercial lending and leasing, as well as a range of financial services for health care, media, communications, entertainment, consumer goods, real estate, and aviation.

Business Challenge

The company is in the process of executing multiple initiatives to improve their competitive position.  They included multiple companywide efforts in the areas of operations, account management, pricing, technology, branding/communications and new products.

To measure the impact of its strategy and execution in the market, the company needed to measure the current state of the perception of their value proposition including aspects such as brand perception and consideration.

How We Helped

Growth Decisions articulated a custom approach that translated the client’s specific business challenges into a targeted market research program.  In addition, we coordinated both internal and external resources to ensure flawless execution. The three key results generated by this project were:

  1. Identified key perception elements associated with client’s brand positioning and the entire main competitive set. The client was able to measure how its brand ranked in terms of key traits vs. competition and measure importance and performance per attribute.

  2. Validated key lender traits valued by customers for the client and entire main competitive set. Client was able to compare how its value proposition performed in the field in contrast to that of competitors.

  3. Client was able to track and compare with historical metrics key competitive aspects such as the evolution of brand familiarity, usage and consideration vs. main competitive set. In addition, client understood evolution of client behavior by target industry vs. previous measurements.