Case: Integrated Growth Strategy for GLOBALTAP LLC

Developed integrated growth strategy, marketing and branding and action planning for innovative water access start-up.
This project was nominated for the AMCF 2013 Value and Excellence in Consulting award.
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Case: Worldwide Customer Insight Program for AGP Glass 

Led worldwide customer strategy program for leading multinational in OEM automotive sector (AGP Glass, Brazil). Articulated and executed analysis of customer needs for core B2B customers in 20+ countries. Interviewed 80+ CEOs and top executives. Created system to allow company to periodically track detailed customer metrics and insights. 
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Uncovering customer insight to drive performance and innovation

At all times it is important for companies to protect, develop and nurture client relationships. This paper describes in detail best practices and key steps when creating a company-wide customer insight program. 
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Leading geographically dispersed Teams

The need for effective leaders in the context of a globalized economy continues to increase. Based on Mr. Bernal's international experience and his management class at Northwestern University, explores the key characteristics of effective global leaders and best practices when working with a remote workforce. 
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Top 10 things you can do today to improve your ideation efforts

Competitive intensity and business pace continue to increase across industries. This whitepaper illustrates 10 practical initiatives that executives could implement today to enhance their ideation processes and go-to market speed.
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8 tips for creating business plans that deliver

At Growth Decisions, we are always curious about why most business plans do not deliver. So a recent article on this very topic by Mr. John W. Mullins in the Wall Street Journal caught our attention. After more than 20 years of working with executives and entrepreneurs in the US, Asia, and Latin America.
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